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Sue Zecco & Jay Scruggs Instructional Dog Grooming DVD's and Seminars

The Business of Grooming

Pondering a salon location? Considering a mobile grooming unit? You'll find the pros an cons of both approaches to canine grooming in this DVD. Sue Zecco, who built a 3,000-square-foot facility with a dozen employees from scratch, and Jay Scruggs, who has operated a mobile salon for 15 years, describe both approaches in detail. They discuss business strategies, finding and training groomers, and all the other things you need to know in order to succeed. The audio track from the DVD also is available as a CD for $19.95 and can be ordered via the link below.

The Competitors Winning Touch

Thinking about contest grooming? About the media exposure it can bring? And about the resulting benefits to your business? You've come to the right place! Sue and Jay -- both retired contest groomers -- have brought together the knowledge and skills that enabled them to win multiple Best Overall Groomer awards, Cardinal Crystal Achievement Awards and American Groomer of the Year titles. Their presentation ranges from selecting good dogs to travel, hotels, contest ring etiquette and knowing what the judge wants to see. You'll benefit from pre-competition coaching and good ideas that will carry over into your everyday business.

Mobile Dog Grooming

Starting a mobile grooming business can be an exciting and lucrative venture. With this informative and entertaining DVD from award-winning groomer, Jay Scruggs, you can ride along for a day-in-the-life of his thriving mobile grooming business. Find out what you need to consider before starting your own mobile grooming enterprise. Learn Jay's secrets to growing a client list, scheduling more efficiently, picking the right van for you and everything in-between. Shot in HD, this video is another must-see from Super Styling Sessions.

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