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The Bichon Frise

Getting the proper breed profile and balance in some dogs is more difficult than in others. The Bichon Frise can fall into the latter category, unless you're equipped with the knowledge and skills incorporated by Sue and Jay into this training DVD. You'll learn how to use snap-on combs to establish breed profile and balance in half the time you'd otherwise have to spend. Using these scissor and thinning shear techniques, you'll create the perfect Bichon head, and achieve the beautiful Bichon expression.

The Doodle

Doodles and other "designer breeds" apparently are here to stay. And, as a growing part of the canine population, they should not be ignored by groomers. The challenge they create involves your deciding how best to groom the canine that appears in your shop. This, in turn, requires your educating your customers as to how to keep attractive, easily maintained trims on their pets. The task grows more important during recessions, when owners tend to try to visit groomers less frequently. The groomer who does a good job of educating a client usually finds that the pets involved are better-maintained and less difficult to groom when they return. Sue and Jay demonstrate quick and style pet trims, scissor and thinning shear techniques and short cuts to help you groom designer breed quickly and more attractively.

The Mixed & Miscellaneous Breeds

Without a doubt, the most popular dogs to enter our shops are those of mixed parentage. With so many varieties, there is almost no limit to the creativity that the groomer can exercise. Jay and Sue show different styles for bodies and heads, bringing out the character and adorable expressions of our lovable mutts.

The Old English Sheepdog

The Old English Sheepdogs are lovable, happy, and high maintenance. The latter factor makes them less popular than other breeds . Few owners maintain the Old English Sheepdog in full coat, which creates something of a challenge for groomers. This DVD demonstrates a cute maintenance trim using snap-on combs but maintaining the look of the breed. Upkeep and products used to maintain the full coat are discussed.

The Pomeranian

The Pomeranian is a toy breed that has been gaining steadily in popularity. Like other double-coated breeds, however, the Pomeranian is not easily maintained by owners. Sue and Jay demonstrate a lion trim done with snap-on combs to produce an adorable "stuffed animal" look that makes the Pomeranian easier for clients to maintain. They also do the full coated traditional trim, demonstrating how the groomer should brush and maintain the coat as well as the amount of trimming necessary to achieve this "natural" looking breed.

The Puppy

Making the puppy's first experience in your salon a happy one is vital -- assuming, of course, that you want both puppy and adoring owner to return again and again. Encouraging owners to leave their precious pets in a groomer's care requires that both of them leave happy. Sue and Jay show groomers how to accomplish this minor miracle in their Puppy DVD.

The Poodle

If there's a single breed that you're certain to find coming to you for grooming, it's the Poodle. All of them -- no matter what trim style their owners select -- should be elegant, well-balanced and scissored. Grooming difficult feet, achieving a beautiful topknot and getting that overall balance look is not the easiest task in the world. With this DVD, however, you'll find it much easier than otherwise would be the case. Jay and Sue demonstrate techniques and short cuts, provide time-saving tips, and show you how to do quick and stylish everyday pet trims. Scissoring tips and new product demos are provided as well.

The German Trim

For Poodle owners who want "something different," or "something less formal," Sue and Jay demonstrate a beautiful European trim on a standard poodle. The German Trim, as it's called, is modern vs. traditional -- a handsome, masculine trim that makes a poodle stand out in the crowd. Sue and Jay discuss structure and angulation, time-saving tips, quick and stylish pet trims, scissor techniques and short cuts.

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