The Golden Retriever

Over the years, the Golden Retriever has taken a huge jump in popularity. That increase has been accompanied by a growing variety in the number of grooming styles used for the breed. Sue and Jay demonstrate the traditional "Golden" trim in this training video. They also show how to use a great pet trim using snap-on combs -- a perfect alternative to shaving Goldens for those who don't want to deal with all the hair. You'll acquire a new set of grooming tips and short cuts plus techniques to enhance the results of your tools and thinning shears.

The English Springer Spaniel

Whether your customers have show Springers or pets, their lines and trims should be identical. Great feet, a beautiful head and overall balance are equally essential, which can be challenging for groomers. Sue and Jay will show you how to set the lines on the Spring in a pet trim, describing the manner in which a clipper should be used and how techniques and tools must be applied to achieve correct breed profiles. You'll learn techniques and short cuts, quick and stylish everyday pet trims, and scissoring tips for use in grooming what is becoming an increasingly popular breed among pets.

The Irish Setter

One of the sweetest sporting breeds, the Irish Setter is a stunning dog to look at. In this DVD, Jay and Sue will show the proper style trim on this beautiful dog. Carding techniques, and back combing with thinning shears are just a few of the techniques you will learn to achieve a beautifully natural look. The second dog is a clipped pet trim. Jay and Sue will describe the difference in clipping and carding, and what it does for the coat and color of the dog.



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