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The Airedale Terrier

The Airedale Terrier -- The Largest of the terrier group -- is commonly called the "King of Terriers", and should be groomed as such. The Airedale is a hand stripped breed by breed standards, but Sue and Jay will show you how to maintain the correct profile in pet trim using clippers. Hand stripping and carding also will be demonstrated to satisfy those owners who want the "natural" look. You'll learn techniques and short cuts, scissor and thinning shear techniques, and time saving tips on how to achieve a quick and stylish pet trim.

The Bedlington Terrier

The Bedlington Terrier is one of the rarer breeds. Few have the privilege of grooming the Bedlington. Once known as among the few able to groom the Bedlington, however, you'll find owners seeking you out. The Bedlington combines a very soft coat with a whippet-like appearance, roach back, tassel ears, hare foot, slab side and cone-shaped head. Jay and Sue demonstrate how to groom the Bedlington using snap-on combs and providing visual pointers so that you can say, "yes, I can groom this breed."

The Miniature Schnauzer

This DVD will teach you the pet trim on a handsome miniature schnauzer. Remember, the lines on the pet trim are the same as the show trim. The main difference is the technique of the trim -- clipping vs. handstripping. Jay and Sue will show many Canine Grooming Secrets in trimming the Schnauzer head, scissoring the legs and applying finishing touches.

The Welsh Terrier

An adorable pet Welsh Terrier served as Sue and Jay's model for this demonstration of the ways in which you can achieve the correct breed profile and the clipped pet trim. They discuss the differences between the Welsh, Wire Fox and Airedale Terriers and the manner in which their coats should be worked in order to maintain the correct "harsh" finish that's common to all terriers. Tips, techniques and short-cuts are demonstrated and explained in detail. You'll learn quick and stylish everyday pet trims as well as scissoring tips.

The Westhighland Terrier

The Westhighland Terrier or "Westie" is a fun-loving character whose attributes should be reflected in his or her appearance. For the groomer, this means achieving the proper "pet" trim of the Westie while maintaining the prescribed look of the breed profile. This means "getting" that beautiful Westie head -- a trick for many but a goal that can be accomplished with relative ease by those who learn a few easy tricks used by Sue and Jay to consistently achieve the desired outcome. With this DVD, you'll learn quick and style everyday pet trims and the time-saving tips used in applying them. You'll acquire the latest in techniques and short cuts necessary to quick and stylish pet trims.

The Soft Coated Wheaten

The Wheaten has become a very popular breed increasingly seen by groomers. As often is the case, owners purchase this breed without being informed as to the effort involved in keeping their dogs looking good and their coats easily maintained. The DVD shows the lines of the traditional Wheaten trim but, more important, how you can use snap-on combs to make the grooming process easier. Alternative head trims also are shown to enable groomers to give their clients several alternatives to the traditional look.

The Scottish Terrier

This is one of the fiestiest of the terrier breeds. Jay and Sue will show the correct lines of a pet trim on this handsome retired champion Scottie. Wahl stainless steel snap on combs give a very natural finish to the body. Jay and Sue will demonstrate carding and thinning shear techniques to achieve a beautiful finish. Ear tufts on a Scottie don't need to be a scary thing to do, see how they are made simple. See the difference between the Scottie and what is done on the Westie to get the breed profile look that sets them apart.

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